Tre Vänner

Our History

In the heart of Midsommarkransen, a neighborhood pulsating with life and

creativity, an idea was born among three friends. These three, with a passion

for food and a deep sense of community, dreamed of creating a place where

these two worlds could meet and unite. They wanted to open a gastropub,

but not just any gastropub. Their vision was to create

"Tre Vänner" (Three Friends), a unique gathering spot where culture,

good food, and friendship could be woven together into an irresistible whole.

With their saved money, a handful of hopeful ideas, and tireless enthusiasm,

they set to work. With a strong goal and emptied piggy banks,

they refurbished the perfect venue in Midsommarkransen, a place that

perfectly matched their vision.

The year was 1997, and time has since stood still in the venue,

but Tre Vänner has grown to become more than just a restaurant.

It is a place where every meal tells a story and every visit leaves a memory.

We welcome you to Tre Vänner and hope that we can also become a part of your story.